Norsk FlaggCycling Western Stølsheimen - Bergen North

Sykkeltur i Matredalen - Norges Buldre Mekka

Syklist velkommen"The Fjord Cycling Route" - NEW! Experience Fjord Norway by bike - 5 days includes the Sogne fjord, the beautiful coast, deep valleys and high mountains, - and bike, bed, breakfast, packed lunch, dinner, map, info, and the Bjørn West Museum. NOK 6530,- Read more

Info / booking: mob: +47 41047109 eller

Fjordsykkelruta - sykkeltur med STølsheimen og SognefjordenPacked Biking tours:

  • 1 day - Matre, Bjørn West Museet, info, kart NOK 875,-
  • 2 days - Matre, Stordalen NOK 2275,-
  • 3 days - Matre, Stordalen, Brekkestranda NOK 3760,-
  • 4 days - Matre, Stordalen, Brekkestranda, Frøyseth Gardsmat NOK 5075,-
  • 5 days - Matre, Stordalen. Brekkestranda, Eivindvik, Frøyseth NOK 6530,-
  • 6 days - Matre, Stordalen, Brekkestranda, Solund, Eivindvik, Frøyseth NOK 7860,-

Distance per day is 20-70 km. If you are experienced and trained we recomend the weekend race tour for 2 or 3 days..

Tourist information: Bjørn West Museet 5984 Matredal.+47 56366300

Accomodation: by "Cyclist Welcome": Brekkestranda Fjordhotell - Stordalen Fjellstove - Frøyseth Gardsmat

Bike rental:

BergFritid at Matre, one hour north of Bergen have touring bikes with equipment, full spension mountain bikes and dirt bikes. Transport of bikes can be organized. Easely reached by car along E39, or by Express bus.from terminal P at Bergen Bus Station. Contact: +47 41047109

Road cycling NOK 250 / day. Bike rental for road cycling and mountain biking, incl light, helmet and bike bag.

Mountain biking - Full suspenison 29" NOK 550 / day. Bike rental for rock cycling and single tracks, incl helmet. Try something new on the soft rock in Haugsdalen or the track in Stordalen. With a full suspensioned 29" you will pass stones and trails as easy as.......

Dirt Bike NOK 200 / day. Try the Dirt Bike field in Matre, suitable for all levels. Loacated just besides E39. Take a break and try. A bouldering stone is also waiting for play.

OleA i lufta over Matre Dirt