Norsk FlaggCycling Western Stølsheimen - Bergen North

Sykkeltur i Matredalen - Norges Buldre Mekka

Bergfritid is currently not running this service. Pleace contact at Voss for help:

Use this site for inspiration for organizing your tour on your own.

Syklist velkommen"The Fjord Cycling Route" - NEW! Experience Fjord Norway by bike - 5 days includes the Sogne fjord, the beautiful coast, deep valleys and high mountains, - and bike, bed, breakfast, packed lunch, dinner, map, info, and the Bjørn West Museum. NOK 6530,- Read more

Info / booking: mob: +47 41047109 eller

Fjordsykkelruta - sykkeltur med STølsheimen og SognefjordenPacked Biking tours:

  • 1 day - Matre, Bjørn West Museet, info, kart NOK 875,-
  • 2 days - Matre, Stordalen NOK 2275,-
  • 3 days - Matre, Stordalen, Brekkestranda NOK 3760,-
  • 4 days - Matre, Stordalen, Brekkestranda, Frøyseth Gardsmat NOK 5075,-
  • 5 days - Matre, Stordalen. Brekkestranda, Eivindvik, Frøyseth NOK 6530,-
  • 6 days - Matre, Stordalen, Brekkestranda, Solund, Eivindvik, Frøyseth NOK 7860,-

Distance per day is 20-70 km. If you are experienced and trained we recomend the weekend race tour for 2 or 3 days..

Tourist information: Bjørn West Museet 5984 Matredal.+47 56366300

Accomodation: by "Cyclist Welcome": Brekkestranda Fjordhotell - Stordalen Fjellstove - Frøyseth Gardsmat


OleA i lufta over Matre Dirt