Norsk Flagg The Fjord Cycling Route - 4 days

Klar til sykkeltur i fjell og fjordlandskapet rundt Matre

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Exciting bike ride from Matre. You’ll get to experience all of what Fjord Norway has to offer in the way of narrow valleys, fjords and majestic mountains. First you’ll stay at the Stordalen Mountain Lodge, then in the Sognefjord at the unique Brekkestranda Fjord Hotel. You’ll cycle inland through idyllic cultural landscapes cultivated until you reach Frøyseth Gardsmat (farm-hotel). Don’t forget your camera!

Sykkeltur i Matredalen - Norges Buldre MekkaTHE PACAGE: The tour includes bike rental (incl. bike bag, helmet, lights and tool kit), info pack (overview map, info and hiking maps for Masfjorden), 3 nights w / breakfast, packed lunch and dinner, as well as entrance to the Bjorn West Museum. The entire route is on paved road. Possible detours and changes.

Matre is easily reached by Express Bus from the Bus Station in Bergen (Terminal P) or from Sogn.

Utsikt over Matredalen og Brudalsfossen på Fossen.Day 1: Bicycle rental at Matre. Entrance to the Bjorn West Museum. You will cycle into the Matredalen Valley, up to Stordalen Mountain Lodge. On the way you’ll pass one of Norway's best bouldering areas. By Hummelfossen falls we recommend a trip up to Stegane farm before you’ll pass the gorge called "Hell" and begin the climb up the winding Fossesvingene road. When you arrive at the Stordalen Ski Center, most of the climb is done before you check in at the mountain lodge. You are now in the area where resistance group Bjorn West participated in the last battles in Europe during World War II, and a visit to the Bjorn West Museum before departing Matre is highly recommended. Little traffic, no tunnels. (17 km - 500 m-a-s-l).

Oversiktsbilde av Brekkestranda FjordhotellDay 2: From the Stordalen Mountain Lodge you’ll cycle north towards Sogn, and by Nystølen you’ll be at the highest point, at 700 m. From here it goes down through the narrow valleys of the Sognefjord. Cycle out fjord and visit Massnes Wildlife Museum before enjoying the view on Ikjefjord bridge. When you get to Oppedal follow the main road E39 to the Instefjord. Here you have the Skrikeberg tunnel and you MUST have lights on your bike. Wait until the ferry queue has passed. In Instefjord leave the E39 and bike out to Brekkestranda Fjord Hotel, known for its special appearance with grass roofs, no right angles and a unique location right by the seaside. The first 51 km on a quiet road. Some tunnels (66 km - 700 m-a-s-l = 200 height meters).

Frøyseth gardsmatDay 3: You go back to Brekke and follow the road into the valley and pass the scool. The you climb in turns to Werkelandshøgda. Then it is easy cycling down the idyllic valley Ynnesdalen. At Wergeland ia stone is raised in memory of Henrik Wergeland. One of the big four poems in Norway. Take to the reight, an follow the river to the Frøyseth Church and Frøyseth Gardsmat.. (33 km - 470 masl)

Day 4: Follow the road into Masfjorden to Krossleitet. You’re heading into the Masfjorden and the mountains meet you again. Ride down to the church center at Solheim and follow the old road with large boulders into the idyllic Haugsværfjord. At Haugsvær there’s a shop, showers and food for sale. From here, follow the E39 for 2 km to Trodalsleitet. Please note! Take the old road from 1911 on the outside of the tunnels down to Matre (take a right about 100m before the tunnel). Ride slowly! This is an old historical road – in somewhat bad condition and it is steep on the outside – yet spectacular. (42 km - 200 m-a-s-l).

Equipment: Light on the bike is neccessarry because of some tunnels. Reflective vest is recomended. The rental bikes are "mountain bikes" with good tyres. Hybrid bikes and road bikes are also possible to use, but at som places you will be shacked because of rough payment.

The Fjords Cycling route 4 days from Matre and Sognefjord